Estoras Perfume Heritage Antal
Estoras Perfume Heritage Antal

A tribute to Antal.
Heritage of a nobleman.
Soul of an adventurer.

Estoras Perfume Heritage Antal Archive Photo
Estoras Perfume Antal Heritage

In 1926 Prince Antal Esterházy set out on an epic adventure with his best friend
Count Lászlo Almásy, the English Patient.

Estoras Perfume Heritage object
Estoras Perfume Heritage object
It started as a winter day’s dream. Sitting by a fireplace in the Swiss Alps longing for heat and sun – an oasis of desert. The whim turned into a gentlemen’s wager and arrangements were made on the spot. And before long their Steyr vehicle was being unpacked from a crate on the northern shores of Africa. From there, Antal and Lászlo set out across the sand to become the first to cross the Sahara in a standard road car. This daring journey became known as the Esterházy Safari.
Estoras Perfume Heritage Antal Archive Photo

Almost a century later, his grandson, inspired by a small perfume bottle
Antal left behind, created ESTORAS to capture this spirit of adventure, for those who
chase impossible horizons today.

Estoras Perfume
Estoras Perfume Old Flacon
Having embarked on this unique journey with ANTAL’s scent, ESTORAS continues with olfactory stories of THE ADVENTURES OF ANTAL inspired by Count Lászlo’s original travel diary.
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