Estoras Perfume About Us Antal
ESTORAS, founded by Paul-Anton Esterházy, is a contemporary homage to his grandfather, Prince Antal Esterházy. His character, his passion and his adventures served as inspiration for the first fragrance of ESTORAS: ANTAL. A perfume that invites you into the fascinating world of Antal Esterházy: Almost 100 years ago, the passionate racing driver and his best friend Count László Almásy, also known as “The English Patient”, went on an adventurous tour de force through the Sahara. It was the era of great explorers, fearless adventurers, and legendary gentlemen. Nonchalance and class, daring and elegance: ESTORAS revives the uniqueness of that time and interprets it in a contemporary way – for those who chase impossible horizons today.
Paul-Anton Esterházy


A cosmopolitan with an open heart and an understanding of tradition: ESTORAS founder Paul-Anton Esterházy grew up in Austria, Germany and Great Britain, worked as a serial entrepreneur in New York, Paris, Budapest, Vienna and Munich. Although he never met his grandfather Antal Esterházy, who died in 1944, he was accompanied by the stories of his fantastic adventures through childhood and youth. A fascination that sparked an idea: over the years Paul matured the decision to create something that honors his grandfather’s legacy – an homage to an extraordinary man and an extraordinary time. With the establishment of the exclusive brand ESTORAS and the launch of the first unisex fragrance ANTAL, his vision became reality… and the olfactory ADVENTURES OF ANTAL began.

Estoras Perfume About Us Antal

ESTORAS is the Latin form of ESTERHÁZY – a brand that is respectful of its rich heritage but crucially translates into modern aesthetics and values.


Our design philosophy is a contemporary nod to the Viennese secessionist, art deco design movements of the 1920s. In this Spirit, the ESTORAS logo is a union of the Wiener Werkstätte design collective, the former Steyr Automotive logo and the Esterházy family crest.


True to Viennese hand-craft heritage, the ESTORAS caps were developed and produced in Vienna, molded out of the innovative, sustainable material “Fasal” which consists of 80% wood shavings for warm, wood-like characteristics and are then hand finished by a small manufacture. The bottles are hand stamped in a small workshop at the foot of the Alps and the fragrances finally bottled in a mountain village in the shade of rocky alpine peaks, with perfume oil from the French olfactory capital Grasse.


ESTORAS is an invitation to a one-of-a-kind adventure. Therefore, the packaging of THE ADVENTURES OF ANTAL unfolds like a diary, with every page unveiled you are taken deeper into the adventure, ultimately brought to vivid life by the fragrance within.

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